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A site dedicated to examining the cultures of China and the West, to demonstrate how the two cultures share many fundamental moral and philosophical principles.

Are the East and West on a course toward a "Clash of Civilizations"?

Here we seek to promote a dialogue among cultures, focussing on how the quality of human creativity, that makes each man and woman 'in the image of God,' is manifest in different cultures.

Robert Trout is the creator of this site

Table of Contents:

Huntington and Hobbes

A review of Samuel Huntington's book "The Clash of Civilizations"

Ancient China's Technology

The Science and Technology that
Ancient China Taught the West

Confucianism and Christianity

Examines how Confucianism and Christianity contain many of the same values

Opium Wars

A review of the Britain's Opium Wars, and the Americans who saw the opium traffic as part of Britain's overall colonial system.

Leibnizian Natural Law

America's Founders were inspired by a conception of natural law, that rejected the Hobbesian view of man, and sought to promote the happiness of all nations.

Leibniz on China

The great German philosopher, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz saw dialogue and cooperation between Europe and China as crucial to the development of the world.

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A Chinese Seed Drill: This technology was used in China for thousands of years before it was introduced into Europe

Is China's economic development a threat to other nations, or can it be a benefit to all?

American System

What is the American System?
Today's so-called 'experts won't tell you
the policies that made America prosper.

China's Development

Is China following the 'American System'
Approach to Economic Development?


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